Patchwork Powerbag

This was the very first Powerbag my mum made me. It's almost as old as my Powerbook now, which is more than three years. And it still looks very good. Currently it is on loan to my dad, though.

Patchwork bag. Finally a cat photo on my web site!

It's real patchwork, not just the printed stuff, meaning this was a lot of work. There's a cat in the centre of the front and a dog on the centreof the back. The inner lining isn't patchwork but rather a funky black and white fabric which I like to describe as ‘epileptic’. Looking at it for extended periods of time can make you dizzy.

Even the first bag had a paper pocket in the sleeve as well as a little latch so I could easily lock the Powerbook while in the bag (I was living in Coventry at the time...). As an neat extra that's hard to see in these photos the sides of the bag are made of a double layer of fabric in a way that you can clip a pen between them.

Opened Patchwork bag. You can see a paper and the latch for the lock.