Pinstripe Powerbag

This Powerbag is the lates and greatest one. After starting with ‘classical’ fabrics for the corduroy bag I thought it might be nice to have a smarter one. I hinted that to my mum and shortly afterwards I found the bag in my mail. With this bag I could probably go to a business meeting it looks very smart.

Pinstripe Powerbag and iPod bag

And look! There's an iPod bag to go with it. It's the first attempt at such a bag and it's not quite perfect yet. But those two bags sure look good together.

What's nice about the pinstripe fabric is that it's very thin. This will give the Powerbook less shock protection – but frankly I don't think that's the aim of these bags and the Powerbooks are more stable than they look anyway. The thinner fabric makes this bag the thinnest I have. Which can be important in some situations.

Pinstripe bag, open. This bag has the same black floral inner lining that the corduroy bag has. Except it's all over the inside here. Just like a proper jacket would be. In total this makes my Powerbook the best-dressed Powerbook around.