Pinstripe MacBook bag

This bag was the first shot we had at making one for the MacBook. The main aim was simplicity and stressing the MacBook's sleek shape. So we opted to not go with a flap for opening but to insert the MacBook at the small side of the bag just as we did for the iBook. In addition, the idea was to not actually close that side properly but just have a bit of fabric overlap the opening.

That extra bit of fabric is attached in a way that it has a slight tendency to press onto the computer and thus actually close that gap. Unfortunately that didn't work out as well as we thought it would. Mostly because the pinstripe fabric we used is quite soft and relatively flexible which means that carrying the computer around in a bag can easily push the bag back.

Still, the bag is a smart-looking way to carry around the MacBook.

MacBook in its pinstripe bag